With our partners and clients, we looked for the heart of our business. What elements (and when and why) are at the core of our joint success?


Personal contacts are the foundation. Here we find opportunities. Not just service delivery.  No endless tenders. We stand united. We stand for what we want to achieve. In a crucial coalition. And ensure it will flourish.

“Everything starts when people meet each other. People who actually see each other, recognize something, have a bond. It's about a real connection. The quality of the encounter and the bonding thereafter as the foundation for performance."


Getting aboard in regard to what needs to be done - without hesitation. And starting with a shared point of view. As it is essential to have a mutual fascination for what lies ahead and to experience similar challenges. With the aim to ensure it remains this way, all the way.

"A target is not a full stop, but an areato be explored."


Adjusting as a core task. Carefully looking at the effects and determining the next step, again and again.  Lessons learned are integrated whenever possible in what lies ahead. Both flexible and driven.

“The freedom to function is not found in word games or in any theory. It only exists in practice, this freedom. Thus, you do engage as needed with the headquarter, a steering committee or a controller. You stand up for what you believe in. Always and consistently."


Every situation is unique. Of course, we use certain models. Yet tailor-made design is the only option. Core values, unexpected events and accumulated experience, waywardness and 'interfering memories' ... they all need to find a place. This way the possible way forward comes alive. Creating flexible teamwork.

“Joined achievements require people who contribute individuality, can interpret their own contribution and make it visible. Knowing and appreciating your drive, knowledge, and qualities, so you can use them in a flexible way. Thus the individuality remains and can fit the specific conditions of a context. We call this local logic."


Friction. Not because we want it, but because it is inevitable for anything ambitious. Challenging each other to find the way forward. Getting to the core in sharp dialogues – with artisanal precision.

“Every process has frictions. Without the necessary connections, the friction and the inevitable confrontation are experienced in a vacuum. In those cases, arriving at a joined solution, a compromise, is complicated, perhaps impossible. Get people to express why they joined the team and what is in it for them. Let them make it practical, or at least visualise what is important to them. So the others can respond. Often the different perspectives become clear, the division proves to be true – the confrontation is out in the open. If that occurs, a compromise becomes realistic."


Being part of a mission has consequences. A continuous conversation about the opportunities and the obstacles is required. Just as sufficient reflection. Always aimed at making a decision about the next steps. In the end, the only thing that matters is taking action.

“Great, as long as it is not endlessly delayed. All speed is gone. And as long as it doesn't become a scenario. Because relying on people's commitment and personal agenda requires light-heartedness (and not a marching route), improvisation and seizing opportunities (and not compulsory steps). The energy 'flows' through the organisation."

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A good sense for what is happening.  Energetically starts to work. With attention to working together on results and impact. Opening up opportunities for the growth of people and organisation. Involved from start to finish. Continues to explore how everyone and everything is appreciated. Clearly pointing out which decisions lie ahead. And wich consequences we will have to face.

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Douwe Edwin

A good sense for what is happening. Responds to the situation at hand. Posing questions to create insight. In an inspired way practical. Sharp and direct. Shaping a process so that progress, connection and excellence are central. Involved in the demands on people to realize what is needed. Working together to achieve results is his motivation and goal.

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